lovebird in distress

by Jan
(new york)

Tweet is nearly 18 yrs old he will be 18 the 2nd week of november 2009 we've had him since he was 6 weeks old. He's never been sick not once. Was hand raised and we all spend alot of time holding and playing with him. He has the run of the house and only goes around it while on someones shoulder.

Recently he started acting old he would fall off his perch after falling asleep. He'd prop himself on the side of the cage so he didn't fall off. We made a makeshift nest on the bottom of the cage so he won't fall and hurt himself.He sleeps a whole lot more but more distressing is the sudden turn of events which are for lack of a better term seizure like as short as 5 minutes or as long as an hour where he struggles to breath his wings go and he's clearly in distress.

We took him to a bird vet and he gave us medicine feeling that it was most likely pneumonia he wanted to do more tests but tweet was so stressed I really question if he'd survive them or not.At this point we are giving the medicine but he's still having these sessions.Has anyone else ever had these symptoms with their bird? I realize tweet is an old man but is there anything else we can do to make him comfortable? Thanks, Jan

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Aug 19, 2009
by: Linda


I did not realize lovebirds lived as long as 18 years. I had heard that 10-15 years is about their usual lifespan though a few have lived to 17, and yours is the oldest one I've ever heard of. He is truely an OLD MAN and bless you for taking such wonderful care of him for so long.Only very well-taken care of birds get to live out their natural lifespans, so your lovely Tweet testifies to your skill, love and commitment to him for all his long life.

I feel that he may be nearing the end of his stay on our planet, and it will be good for you and family to prepare yourselves for his passing. I would suggest you continue to make him as comfortable as is possible and let nature take her course here. There is no easy way to let go of our pets, and ones who have been with us this long are extremely difficult to say goodbye to.

If he was a younger bird, I'd say have all the tests done the vet wants to do. In Tweet's case, I feel as you do that the stress would be too much for this sweet old gentleman. I believe the seizures may be caused from either his heart, kidney and/or liver failure this old. What a wonderful sweet little bird he has been for you and your family. I WOULD ask vet if he can give him any other kind of meds to make him more comfortable. Without doing tests, he won't know exactly which part of his body is failing. It would not hurt to acknowledge what you feel about your Tweet though and see what his suggestions for his comfort may be.

You, your family and your beautiful Tweet will be in our prayers for as long as we feel he is still with us. There are no words to express the heartbreak I feel underlying your words, so let me just say, "God be with you and with your Spirit", and may He comfort your precious bird and your family as you move through all of this. Please accept the love and compassion from my heart to yours.


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