lovebird lead poison

by theresa

Regarding my previous question with my lovebird with kidney desease. He had injested lead and his kidneys is now damaged. He has seen several vets and did chelation treatment along with fluids and all the diagnostic testing. he also stayed in the hospital for 1 week.

He has since never recovered from his illness. He has been sick for now over 2 years. Prior to his illness he was extremely healty, active and talkative, and enjoy a wide variety of fruits and vegetable. He now just eats seeds, is very inactive and very quiet, and lie on my shoulders whenever he is out.

I do put milk thistle in his water. The vet cannot cure him. his recent blood work showed that his kidneys were high. Is there anything can be done for my bird. I love him dearly and do not want to loose him.

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Apr 13, 2009
beloved lovebird dies
by: Anonymous

I took my lovebird for routine checkup at Millenium Vet Hospital in Pickering Ont, for check up. Vet just confirmed to me my bird liver was normal all along he was misdiagnosed. During the check up she and her assistant restrained my bird for too long,he was not healthy she should have reasured him during check up. he died, she took blood work, beak trim, nail trim. when she placed him in the pot to weigh him, he just passed away, Is this a Heart attack he had due to the stress of being restrained too long? please help me with answers, I am broken hearted, I cannot stop crying. I feel so guilty for taking him to the wrong vet. If only I had taken him to a more experienced vet, he would still be alive today. I miss my beloved bird soooo much.

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