Lovebird loosing feathers

by Barb

My Lovebird has recently lost some feathers around the neck and a little under the feathers. I have always given her a variety diet, seeds, fresh fruit, and mash with vitamins. I have not taken her out much recently and was wondering if feathers come out if they are depressed or lonely. I noticed today only the feathers are out and will besure to hold her every day. Pls tell me what else could be the problem.

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Oct 22, 2008
by: Anonymous

Thanks, the feathers seem to becoming back, could have beeen change of season (getting colder where we are and she's not let outside for fresh sun) and lack of interaction with the family. Thanks for the tips,much appreciated!

Oct 02, 2008
feathers loosing
by: Anonymous

feathers loosing in birds happen for many reasons

1- the change of seazon
2- shortage in good dite
3- depressing and lonley
4- if the bird has an manner before,and you want to stop it,it makes the bird anger

5- may be your bird has Bacteriya on her feathers, you cant see them, you should take her to Ven..

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