Lovebird Makes Weird noises and takes a large poop

by Omer Alp
(Lincoln Nebraska)

My adorable lovebird Figo, made some weird noises or two minutes like clicking noise like figo was having some breathing problems, I tried to give him water but he didn't even try to fly, this went on for two minutes then he takes a large poop, very large compared to his usual. Then he is back normal again.

Now Figo is around 8 years old. No previous problems. He just eats Witacraft seeds, he never eats any fruits or vegetables.

I was wondering if he had a constipation problem because after poop he was totally all right but I was just scared that he had problem breathing or he had something in this throat.

Also I am beginning to think Figo is female because of figos love for paper clipping and nest making.

If you could please help me on what Figo's problem might be. I will probably take him to a Vet during the week.

Thanks for your time

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Jul 15, 2009
Lovebird noises
by: The Vet

There is a good chance your bird is female and she is making eggs. You need to go immediately to an avian veterinarian for a work up. You also need to switch your bird from seeds to a pellet diet such as Harrison's. This will prevent any egg binding. Consider this an emergency and go as soon as possible.

Dr B

Jul 13, 2009
Sick Bird
by: Linda

Sounds like your little birdy is sick, and please go ahead and get him into your Avian Vet soon as you can.

Also, if he is only eating seeds, and is 8 years old, he is malnourished to the point where he could be having internal problems.

Take him to vet and explain this behavior to vet. Also tell vet that he eats only seeds, and let vet do a few tests to try and find out what kind of condition some of his organs are in.

Tracie carries a couple of organic pellet mixes out here, and you need to immediately start to change him over to one of them. We use Harrison's, and you will need the smaller grind for your smaller bird. It takes some time for the changeover, so, for a while, put a little of the seed mix in the bottom of bowl and the pellets on top. Don't let him go hungry, and keep doing this until he is eating more pellets than seeds, and then take seeds away completely. Make sure the pellet is organic, so he is not getting any pesticides or fertilizers in his food.

( Switching Birds to Pellets article.)

Take to vet first to see what kind of condition he is in, and let us know what happens and what vet says.


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