This is Atalantae’s Peach Faced Lovebird Pictures and Information.

She keeps her two Lovebirds together and they still love her!

Peach Faced Lovebird, Zeus Peach Faced Lovebird, Ares
Zeus Ares

Zeus is 3 years old. He is a rescue. I wanted to add a bird to my family. I already had Kasey my Alexandrine but wanted another bird. I had worked with a lady that raised birds and she decided that she had to get rid of some because "she had too many".

I wanted a Lovebird. I went over and she had 3 babies in one cage. I told her I wanted the male. She asked, “How do you know which one is the male?” I told her that he was the smallest one with the littler head.

So, home he came with me. He was 9 months old and a wild little thing. I worked steadily with him for while. He finally calmed down. He will step up for me or my significant other but no one else.

He loves to sit on my shoulder and give kisses and just be with me in general. He is a sweet little thing. And boy was he a sassy little thing when I said his name and talked to him. Most of the time he was quiet.

Well spring came this year and he wanted a mate. I watched him for 2 months and decided I was going to get another lovie.

Yes there are websites out there that will tell you that 2 Lovebirds will bond with one another and want nothing to do with you. I have put that fiction to rest.

I went and bought a lovie. The lady there asked me if I wanted a boy or girl. I had thought about it the whole way over there. “A boy”, I told her, as I do not really want babies. I know nothing about hand feeding and all that stuff. So a 10 month old boy camehome with me.

Now, I now had to find a name. Hummmm- Greek Mythology- Zeus.... How about Ares. I always like the god of war on Xena. LOL. So Ares it is.

I left them in separate cages so that they could see one another. On the 3rd day I put Ares over with Zeus. Zeus would chase him around the cage. I took and separated them.

Zeus wanted to be with Ares and would let me know by his squeaking and going on. So I brought in a neutral cage. Set it up. In they both went and animated!!! Oh my it is fun just to watch them. They cuddle and play.

****Note: Ares and Zeus have passed over Rainbow Bridge. And Atalantae found out that Ares was really a female in the end.

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