lovebird seizures

My lovebird, 3 years old, has occasional seizures. She falls off her perch, screems and her head is back and her claws are cluched. It only happens at night, and only once maybe a month. I hold her so she doesn't hurt herself and in a few minutes she is okay, but they are severe and her heart is racing terribly when they happen and she has no control over herself.
I have had her checked. Changed her diet to not include any human food, just cover her a little to avoid too much heat at night. I have done everything I can read about. Do you have any suggestions, PLEASE! She is my child.
Thank you!!!!!
Joyce Ann

also, she is a fertile female with no mate. she nests every few months. I don't let her shred paper and make a nest, I just take the eggs after she lays them. any ideas??/

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Jul 28, 2017
Love bird itchy and having seizures
by: Anonymous

I have a love bird who is 5 years old. She is having seizures from the past one week. Also she was very itchy. I gave her an anti itch medicine which a normal vet and not an avain vet here in my city suggested. We don't have any avian vet in the city or any place near my city. She is a little better but she sits at the bottom of the cage covers her face with her feet. She used to fly around but now she doesn't do that also. She was on seed diet since past 5 years. Now I have started putting multi vitamin drops in her water as well and try and feed her fruits and veggies which she doesn't like. Please suggest what else should I do to help her.

Jun 25, 2017
love bird seizures
by: wade

my bird (love bird ) falls to the bottom of cage cant walk flips around wth his head leaning bk wards he comes out of it whn I pick up and hold a minute or so

Aug 18, 2016
by: Asha sreenivasan

Im not too sure if it is a seizure my love bird it having hes 18 years old he cant fly anymore one of his legs just seem to stop working, he just lies down and dosent move for a while until hes back to his usual self was possibly if you could help me out a little bit

Editor's note: Your bird needs to be examined, so you need to take the bird to an avian vet.

Mar 02, 2016
Please help Baba
by: Ron

It's like he just locks up,his wings spread and his eyes roll back. Can you tell me what might be going on with him.He's 20 years old.

Editor's note: Your bird needs an avian vet visit, to determine what is causing this. It sounds like it is having a seizure.

Apr 20, 2010
My Lovebird is having seizures too
by: Anonymous

My lovebird is having seizures too. They are happening just whenever. Its quite scary. He falls on to the bottom of the cage and his head goes back. He twitches his legs and flaps his wing. It goes on for a few minutes then he will sit at the bottom of the cage panting and breathing hard. I cant grab him as he is not hand trained and stresses him out even more. His mate will go to him after and bite at his legs. His is roughly 10 years old and this just started happening in the last year. I called the vet here and they said "If you want bring him in but no guarentees that we can help". Should I take both birds in together or just the 1? They have never ever EVER been separated and The vet said it might cause stress to separate them for hours. is this true? Is there anything I can try at home to help?
Thank you

Editor's note: I would follow an AVIAN vet's advice.

Apr 28, 2008
Seizures and egg laying
by: Tracie

I would suggest NOT taking away the eggs. Don't encourage egg laying, but if she lays an egg, let her sit on it or them.

Taking away the eggs will encourage her to keep laying more. If you let her sit on the eggs she will likely quit laying and eventually abandon the eggs.

Many birds become aggressive when they sit on eggs, don't worry about it, just love her just the same.

I would suggest you look up a breeder in your area, you can look at my breeders list if you like, and call one of them and they will help you too.


Apr 28, 2008
Lovebird seizures
by: The Vet

Seizures in birds can be difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to treat.

What is her diet? One of the causes is calcium deficiency. Since she is laying eggs, this would be the first correction I would make. If she is not eating a pellet diet as 80% of what she ingests, then calcium deficiency is a good possibility.

If these seizures are categorized as 'idiopathic' any number of causes can be blamed - genetics, toxins, epilepsy and brain tumors, are just four of the common causes.

Depending on the etiology, control measures are possible. Some birds have done well on Phenobarbital as a control measures and even valium has been successful in some cases.

You should start with someone who can give her a complete avian neurological examination, then have blood work to test for calcium deficiencies, and lead and zinc poisoning, switch her diet to Harrison's pellets, and consider further diagnostics such as MRI or PET scans and some specialty hospitals may be able to do an EEG.

If you can determine a cause, then the appropriate treatment can be initiated. Please let me know what you find.

Dr B

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