This is Dani’s Slate White Lovebird Picture and Information.

Dani suggests that you handle lovebirds every day to keep them tame.

Slate White Lovebird

Austin is a Slate White Faced Lovebird. I adore these cuddly little bundles of energy. A hand fed baby makes a great companion. To keep them tame, they must be handled daily and are better kept individually to be good companions.

I have quite a few lovebirds and all my pets are kept in separate cages. Some of my little ones do talk. I would recommend a lovebird as a first bird.

Dani raises parrots, so you might want to look her up on the Breeders List. She also has several other parrot stories and information on this website. She has a Cockatiel, Blue Crown Conure, Green Cheeked Conure, Lovebird, Parakeets, Parrotlet, Meyer's, and a Quaker. Whew!

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