Lovebird sleepy and underweight

by Clarissa

Hello, My lovebird has been very sleepy, he allways wans too sleep and he has no energy too move or fly. No and then he will run around but suddenly stop and start sleeping. He will only eat a few nibbles of his seed. He is usually very loud and playful. We took him too the vet and they gave us antibiotucs too put in his water and apparently he is very underweight. Just thought id ask if you have seen this before and if its worth takeing him too an avian vet. the vet said he would call after 48 hours too see if he is still with us. But i was just wondering what your opinion is on this one.

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Nov 26, 2010
Sleep lovebird
by: The Avian Vet

That has to be the worst treatment that a veterinarian could do for a bird. Stop the water antibiotics immediately and take your bird to see an AVIAN veterinarian. In the mean time put your bird in a small cage with a heating pad on top turned on high. You want the temperature to be 95ºF. Get to an avian veterinarian TODAY. When your bird is healthy again, you will want to switch his diet to pellets from seeds. Pellets are a complete and balanced diet, seeds are deficient in 35 nutrients. Harrison's is the best pellet in my opinion.

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Dr B

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