Lovebird struggling to walk

by Erica

My lovebird started walking hesitantly on Saturday, instead of her usual running and active behavior. Climbing up and down her cage was done hesitantly and slowly. Today she has started climbing faster, but still walks on the bottom of her cage by using her beak to pull her forward. She's eating and drinking, and acts otherwise normal when she's sitting. Tonight her climbing has slowed down a bit. She's never used her beak to walk across the bottom of her cage before.

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Aug 12, 2009
Lovebird walking problem
by: The Vet

I do not know what is causing this. You should have your bird examined by an avian veterinarian to be sure there is nothing abnormal about her health status.

Dr B

Aug 11, 2009
Bird Very Ill
by: Linda

Your bird is very ill and needs to be taken to an Avian Vet in your area immediately. There is nothing anyone else can do as it sounds as if she has been injured or is paralyzed for some reason.

PLEASE MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR AN AVIAN VET TO SEE HER IMMEDIATELY. IF YOU WAIT ANY LONGER THAN YOU ALREADY HAVE, SHE MAY VERY WELL DIE. ANYTIME YOU SEE SUCH BEHAVIOR(birds NEVER drag themselves by their beaks unless they are in serious condition!), THE AVIAN VET IS THE ONLY ANSWER. SO, PLEASE DO WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO WHEN YOUR BIRD IS SICK AND TAKE HER TO VET. She deserves your immediate attention because she trusts you to take the best care of her as is possible. Please take the trust she has placed in you seriously.


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