lovebird weak neck

by Cara

I'm looking into adopting a 3 year old lovebird that the owner describes as having a weak neck. He says that when the bird hatched he had a shaky neck but has been doing fine. Have you ever heard of this before and will cause costly vet bills?

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Feb 05, 2010
Lovebird with weak neck
by: The Avian Vet

I am not familiar with ?weak neck syndrome?. This could be a neurologic disease, a muscular disease, a combination of the two, nutritional deficiency, or even something else. I recommend that he be seen by an avian veterinarian. I do not know what the cost would be, but in my clinic I would charge for a physical exam and blood work to start which would be around $125.00 - $150.00

Dr B

Feb 03, 2010
lovebird weak neck
by: Linda

Sometimes babies are born with physical anomolies, and do not know what this one will entail as for vet bills. It sounds like bird is handling it well. I would suggest you ask present owner if he would accompany you to visit his Avian Vet so you can have a better picture of how this will affect your bird for the long haul. Tell owner and Avian Vet that you'd like to see an X-Ray and talk with his Avian vet to make sure bird is okay and if anything could be done to make this better. You two could split the costs for the office visit and talk as that would be fair to both of you. You need to have your questions answered by an Avian Vet BEFORE you buy the bird. Special needs birds are very special indeed, so keep that in mind. This little one needs a kind and loving home, and hopefully, it will be yours.People willing to take them on are Blessed in ways that are hard to describe as they are always different. Rest assured, you WILL be blessed for taking in this little Angel, and your life will be made better for the commitment you are making to this helpless little bird.

Birds necks are very thin and normally don't look like they can hold up a bird's head, so not sure what this one looks like. You DO need to find out if bird is in any pain and talk with Avian Vet about all of it.

Let us know how everything goes and what you decide to do. We are always here to talk with you about your concerns, and we'll be here to support you with this as well.

Thanks for writing,

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