Lovebird with beak too long and curled under

by Pat M
(Beaverton, OR)

Lovebird has developed a beak too long that curls under. I'm concerned if this is a problem and if I should do anything about it. I have a pair of female lovebirds and only one has this apparent problem. I'm not sure if she's eating well or not, but appears fine.
Thank you for your assistance.

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Feb 13, 2012
Lovebird problem w/beak
by: Pat M.

Thank you so much for quick response, very helpful, and I will find an avian vet asap.
Thanks again,
Pat M.

Feb 13, 2012
Bird with long beak
by: Tracie

Yes, this is a problem. You need to Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird and trim the beak. The beak has a blood supply, so it may take several visits. Each time the vet trims the beak, the blood supply backs off a bit and this allows the vet to trim a bit more every few weeks.

It is likely either a nutritional issue or a disease causing this, so do not delay in getting your bird to an avian vet.

If you are feeding an all seed diet or a diet lacking quality pellets like Harrison's or Roudybush then your bird may have fatty liver disease.

Whatever you do, do NOT let a pet store employee talk you into vitamin or bird supplements. These only further overwhelm the bird's kidneys and liver and your bird will die quickly.

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