lovebird with failing kidneys

by Theresa

My lovebird has been sick for 2 and a half years with failing kidneys. The vet cannot treat his problem. I usually put Milk thistle in his drinking water. Can this prolong his life. Is he in any pain?

He does drink a tremendous amount of water.He is usually quiet and is very inactive. he still has a very good apetite. He refused to eat any vegetables and fruits which he used to love before getting sick. How long will his lifespan be due to his illness. He usually gets yearly check up. he is aprox 4 years.

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Apr 02, 2009
Help for birds with failing kidneys
by: The Vet

Milk thistle is not going to help your bird. I don?t think that he is in pain based on what you are telling me, but I cannot be sure. I do think that he does not feel good, especially given that the toxins are building up in his blood since his kidneys are not filtering them out. You should put him on a prescription kidney diet. It is made by Roudybush and your veterinarian can get that if he sends a prescription. With this kind of problem, you need to take him in at least twice annually.

Dr. B

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