Lovebird with lump on chest

by Roxanne
(Nova Scotia)

Hi, my lovebird has a mass or lump on his front chest area. It wasn't there yesterday! I did pick him up and he was not agressive, and he did fly around the house with no problem. When I held him he did not seem to be in any discomfort. I have bee calling around Vets to get advice, however I am fine that there are not many Doctors for birds. I talked to a person at the pet store and she suggested that it just might be his crop or gizzard, and the food is not digested all the way. I don't really know what to do.. Can some one help me please..

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Aug 09, 2009
my love bird...
by: Roxanne

I asked for help, not to be reprimanded and lectured about breeder.

I bought my bird from a breeder, but she is not around right now.

I don't this a help site should make someone feel bad, or that they did something wrong.

I did take her to the vet Friday, and he felt the her crop was full. He as me to watch her bathromm activities and if over a few days she does not get smaller, to bring her back.

It is not getting smaller, and I will be taken her to the vet tomorrow.

I don't no weather to say Thank you or Sorry...

Did not find your advice helpful, was insulted from your tone... Thanks

Editors note: This is the Internet and you will get all kinds of advice. I don't believe Linda was being ugly, she is just trying to educate people.

Aug 07, 2009
by: Linda

Please call an Avian Vet in your area and get your bird into them as soon as is possible. It is important you call an Avian Vet as the regular vets DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT TREATING BIRDS AND WILL LIKELY JUST TRY AND GET RID OF YOU.

As for calling the pet store, they also do not know much about birds as they just work there. I always suggest that people NOT buy birds from pet stores as most of the birds are sick with various infections. They buy these birds from less than reputable breeders for the most part. Some of them are "Bird Mills" just like the ones for puppies and kittens. They breed many birds, feed cheap food, no trips to vet as all this cuts into the profit margin. Please find a reputable breeder in your area before you buy another bird, puppy or kitten, basically any pets in pet stores are usually sick and some of them are dying.

As for your bird, he should have been taken to an Avian vet as soon as you got him. Birds can also become sick from the stress of moving from here to there as their immune systems become compromised.

Feed your bird a high quality pelleted food like Harrison's, no table food or any other high fat content foods. Leave peanuts out altogether as the oil in peanuts is not a good type of oil. Table salt and processed sugar kills birds, so do not be tempted to feed your bird junk food.

Let us know what the Avian vet said about the lump as it sounds like it could become serious.

Thanks for writing,

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