Lovebird with seizures

my lovebird has seizures--- i am a senior citizen & the bird needs some testing among bloodtest.
unfortuenly i am on a budget--- couyld you please help me.

i would appreciated thank you

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Mar 07, 2013
Becareful of Harrisions Pellets
by: Anonymous

Just be careful with Harrisons...they have actually caused a fungal infection in my little one which in turn causes seizures (see below)

Editor's note: I asked our avian vet that teaches at a university and has 30+ years experience and he says,
"I have never heard of this. I would like more information but I don't believe it can be tied to Harrison's." Dr B

Jan 03, 2010
mean "love" bird
by: Anonymous

I have had a love bird for about 10 years now and the silly bird keeps having these flopping seizers and I feel so sorry for her. she lost her mate, who we found out was female too, . She is so mean and tries to bite and really clamps down if she gets me.I can hardly clean her cage without a battle. she has hurt her wing and head so badly it bleeds. is there something I can do to help her and me.

Jun 18, 2009
by: Linda

Hi and good morning! I am also a senior citizen, and my bird and dog vets sometime give me discounts on services, sometimes not. One of them does let us pay off larger bills in monthly payments.

Call your Avian vet as your bird really needs to be seen and have tests run. Ask them if it would be possible for you to pay some down and pay the rest out in either weekly or monthly payments. I have one vet who will do this, and it has helped us be able to have various surgeries on our dogs.

Talk with vet and see if they can help you by letting you pay for services and meds in increments instead of all at once. Most vets are understanding enough to help you in that way. They are sometimes fearful they will not get paid all their money, so make sure to make all payments as agreed and on time. Once you have done this once, they will be much more agreeable about the "time" payments.

Let us know how it goes as there are many of us seniors who need to know we can get help with our pets if they need it.


Jun 18, 2009
Lovebird with seizures
by: The Vet

Seizures in birds can be difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to treat. They can not be treated without being seen.

What is her diet? One of the causes is calcium deficiency. If she is not eating a pellet diet as 80% of what she ingests, then calcium deficiency is a good possibility. I suggest Harrison's organic pellets.

If these seizures are categorized as 'idiopathic' any number of causes can be blamed - genetics, toxins, epilepsy and brain tumors, are just four of the common causes.

Depending on the etiology, control measures are possible. Some birds have done well on Phenobarbital as a control measures and even valium has been successful in some cases.

You should start with someone who can give her a complete avian neurological examination, then have blood work to test for calcium deficiencies, and lead and zinc poisoning, switch her diet to Harrison's pellets, and consider further diagnostics such as MRI or PET scans and some specialty hospitals may be able to do an EEG.

If you can determine a cause, then the appropriate treatment can be initiated.

Dr B

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