by max
(lija, malta)


i am thinking of purchasing a lovebird. BUT............

i have one ringneck parrot and a canary!!

will they all be nice and get on with each other???

please write back as soon as possible.

many thanks,

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Aug 21, 2008
multi-bird family
by: I love my feathered family

I think that if you introduce the birds slowly, they will get along just fine. I have a Indian Ring neck that I have had for almost 13 years. This last year, we have "adopted/rescued" 15 other birds. (2 quakers, 5 cockatiels, 8 lovebirds) They were able to spend a few months "talking" across the room, and then we have been able to let them all out of their cages to interact. We now have a 10 foot by 12 foot flight pen that all my birds live in. everyone gets along just fine! Just let them look at each other from across the room and slowly move them closer. Good luck!

Aug 20, 2008
by: Anonymous

The lovebird may not get along with them because lovebirds are sometimes very territorial and only sometimes get along with there breed. They might like them. Also lovebirds tend to only like one person and are usually aggressive to everyone else. This is what I have heard hope I helped.

Jul 21, 2008
Birds getting along
by: Anonymous

Hello Max,

Nobody but the birds can decide if they will get along.

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