Lovebirds and budgies

I want to know if a baby lovebird can grow with a budgie. Plus please tell me that lovebirds cant produce eggs with a budgie.

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Nov 11, 2012
Lovebirds and budgies
by: Linda

Lovebirds and Budgies are two entirely different species. Different species cannot breed.Lovebirds are very aggressive and sometimes kill each other even when they are a bonded pair. Keep them separate from all other species and make sure cage is large enough for one to get away from the other because they do kill their mates. Cockatoos are also like this. Studying about parrot behavior would be very valuable time spent for you.

What Tracie said about putting them together holds true for them and many other types of birds. General rule is to put only same species together and that is only after they've been in separate cages for a long time and gotten to know each other. Even then, you can have fights if the cage is too small. Multiple birds need huge flights not cages, so keep no more than two birds in a large inside cage. Crowding causes stress which causes death to any weaker birds.


Nov 10, 2012
Putting a love bird and budgie together
by: Tracie

It is not recommended to put these two species together. Sometimes birds surprise us and get along, but for the most part the love bird is likely to pick on and possibly injure the budgie. No, they can not produce chicks.

You really can not even put two of the same species together unless they grew up in the same cage. You never know if they will get along, so you need to start them out in separate cages, allow them to play outside their cages for a few weeks, and see if they choose to be with each other.

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