lovebirds and eggs

by hayley
(usa kentucky fort knox)

ok i saw my female a few days ago mating with the male but female was on male and so i got a proffesional who has birds feel the ball bones and i was right! my male lovebird today acted a little crazy we do have a nestbox and they spend long periods in it every morning there in it when i uncovered its cage today the male had strange behavior was pacing on the perch in front of the nestbox shrieking a little shriek for like 5 minutes looking in and out what do i do he looks fine right now i shoule mention bonded pair, ages 10 months,and females name is angel males name is skittles i had them estimation 3 or 4 months from people who smoked and blew it in their cage and kids who banged on it how do i know alsow if the smoke thing if they something wrong with their lungs and how do i know if angels (female) will lay eggs? sorry so laong im talkative sometimes am new to any type of bird not a bredder and i forgot mention their peach faced lovebirds im very curious! oh and they sung a lot when i very first got them they are quiter now and and angel has a bigger suddenly

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Aug 01, 2011
lovebirds and eggs
by: Linda

Okay, listen to this and print it out if you need to. You are doing this all wrong and need to separate the two birds immediately or just take out the nestbox. Do this now not after female dies in egg binding. Your birds are too young to breed, and the female may die trying to lay an egg. These birds have to be between one and two years' of age before breeding(two is better) so female's body is developed enough to be able to pass eggs without them getting caught up in there which kills many birds.

Second thing is you need to take both of them to an AVIAN VET, not a regular dog and cat vet but an Avian Vet to make sure the smoking has not damaged their lungs. They need a thorough exam as it sounds as if the last family was abusive and probably neglectful to them.

So, to recap, get some books and talk to some breeders and learn what you are doing before you do it. You are putting bird's lives in danger the way you are going. You do not have to breed at all since the market is flooded with birds, and you're not likely to make any money from this if you feed birds high quality organic pellets and take them to Avian Vet when needed.

Separate birds or at least take the nestbox out. Your male is behaving exactly as he should when breeding, and he will become very dangerous as time goes on, so stop what you are doing and study until you know exactly what you are doing. Take this advice or not, and if you do not, then you do not need to have birds of any kind because you are not willing to learn from experienced people who can see what is ahead for your birds. You have much to learn, and now is the time before you kill your first bird or birds.

Thanks for writing and the best to you and your birds,


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