lovebirds biting and mating

why is my lovebird started to bite me i got from a breeder and said that they are hand feed and said that they wont bite and after a year they started biting i got them when there wer 7 months old and they are one years old a female and a male and they started mating 2 weeks ago but no egg help me plz

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Aug 03, 2009
lovebirds biting and mating
by: diego

that was buitiful on the second part i didnt check my email in a long time and when i was acting ike the terminator i opened up the nest box on the side of there cage i saw an egg because i ussialy check there nest

Jul 23, 2009
by: Linda

Firstly, all parrots will bite at some point and some time. They are wild animals, and it does not matter whether they have been handfed or are wild, fact remains the same--they are who they are always and forever. If breeder told you they would never, ever bite, then they were somewhat mistaken. Hand fed babies are less likely to bite when young, and as the parrot reaches sexual maturity, sometimes a little nip can occur here and there.

What you have done here is to put a male and female together, and now they are mating and exhibiting all the signs of a bonded, breeding couple. Birds become very protective of their cages, nests and babies during these times. The males will usually become very aggressive, and you may not recognize your sweet little birdy anymore. My suggestion is to separate them into two cages as I'm not sure the female is quite old enough to lay eggs yet, and sometimes young females get "egg-bound" which is a life threatening situation. Breeding birds is a complicated and sometimes expensive venture, so you need to do your homework about this before getting started into it. If you can, get another cage, and put one of them into it and put them close together so they can still see each other easily. Let them play together if they have playtops on their cages, and then separate them back into separate cages. This may not keep them from mating, but it will be a way for you to still be able to handle them. Once a pair bonds and begins breeding, they do not "need" us humans for much anymore. So long as we feed, water and clean them, they are happy to just be with each other. It is true of all species of parrots, not just your lovebirds. All birds' personalities change when they are ready to breed, and the sweet little handfed baby you used to know changes into someone else, a more "grown-up" version of your little baby. Always remember, birds are not domesticated and will always fall back on their wild heritage, and nothing will change this. Respect them for who they are, not for who you WANT them to be, and you will have many happy years with them. Right now, separate them, so they need you to get each one out to play with it. You may consider trading one sex or the other for another bird of the same sex, and then the breeding, mating behavior will stop, and the birds will just "be good friends".This would be the easiest solution to problem at this point.

Keep us posted on your results as we are interested in all things birds.


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