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Cheryl shares her expertise from a Lovebird Breeder point of view.

White Faced Lovebirds picture

I have had both the Peach Faced and the White Faced Lovebirds. Personally I found the Peach Faced more aggressive. However, any bird not hand-fed and tamed is not going to make a very good pet.

Also, just because you buy a hand-fed tame bird doesn't mean you can take it home and hardly ever bother with it and then when you decide to handle it, that it will respond. No, it doesn't work that way. They can and do go wild if you don't give them attention.

I love the Lovebirds. Even though mine are breeding birds, they are still playful and full of character. They like attention and they always watch what I am doing.

They are busy little birds who need lots of toys and room to exercise. Each one has their own personality, and full of it at that. They make me laugh sometimes and smile almost all the time.

I find them very intelligent and hardy. My birds have been through some changes with me as I have grown in my business and still am growing. They are very adaptable and even patient with me.

They have many little different chirps that took me some time to get to know what each one means. In that sense they have quite a range of language. I have heard that some can be very screechy but I have not encountered that with mine.

Anytime they are not happy about something they let me know with a higher pitched voice but because I have learned about them, I usually can narrow down their discomfort quickly and deal with it and they are happy again.

I find for the most part they have very pleasant sounds and can be talkative with a chirpy voice that is quite comical. With breeders, some pairs of birds come and go in trades but my lovebirds will always be with me.

My birds are not just breeders but they are my love, my pride and my joy. I breed for the love of them not the riches.

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