lovebirds have not developed full color

by dawn

A year and a half ago, two lovebirds that were given to me laid eggs. After the first couple weeks, the babies were hand raised. They seem healthy. Very active and rambunctious, eat well, and seem to preen normally. My only experience with birds are these, but I don't believe there is anything wrong with them that I can detect. There are no bird vets in my area.

While the babies are now the same size as the adults, they have never developed the richness in color that the adults have. Their greens and turquoise are more muted. Their neck has remained a sort of off white, never developing the bright peach or orange of the parents, and across their forehead they are more of a light peach rather than the red of the parents. Their diet consist of a mixture of seed and pellets, with some fresh vegetables thrown in. Any info you can give will be appreciated.

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Dec 06, 2011
lovebirds have not developed full color
by: Linda

Firstly, in my opinion if you do not have an Avian Vet in your driving area, you should not have birds. All birds will need the services of an avian vet at some point in their lives from either injury or illness. To bring birds into a world without medical services available is not the responsible thing to do.

Secondly, diet plays a major role in a bird's coloring or lack of it. All your birds need to be eating a better diet. You said pellets, but if you're feeding junk pellets like ZuPreem or Lafaeber's or some other junk pellet brand, your birds are not getting the nutrition they need. The babies' lack of color is either a result of poor diet or they are sick. Bacterial infections with baby birds is quite common.

You will find organic pellets here, and Harrison's is endorsed by Avian Vets everywhere. It takes time to change them over, and below is link to article about how to go about it. The object is to get them off the seeds because for most birds, if they are given seeds, they want to eat only seeds which is a very poor diet.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

I also suggest you do your best to find an Avian Vet in your area so your birds can be checked out for infections or other physical issues at least once a year.

I hope I've not sounded harsh here, and I firmly believe that people who have birds have to find an Avian Vet in their driving area FIRST before even thinking of having them. Birds get hurt and sick just like any other pet, and they require a licensed and trained Avian Vet to be taken to. If I've come off as harsh, it's only because this is such a common thing. People get birds without first seeing if they have a doctor for them which means the birds suffer. We are here to help people know what to do when their birds are having problems, and we will always recommend they be taken to an Avian Vet if we don't know the answer to problem. This is not only ethical, it is the only legal thing for us to do. We are not in a position to diagnose and treat birds from the internet. Our Avian Vet who answers questions will also recommend taking your birds to an avian vet for an in person exam.

Find an Avian Vet

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