lovebirds look ill at store

by joseph chammas

i went to a pet store to buy a couple of lovebirds but they look ill koz they are standing and they are lcosing their eyes most of the time even while they are eating please help

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May 14, 2011
lovebirds look ill at store
by: Linda

Most if not ALL of the birds found in pet stores are already sick either from the breeder's facility or from mingling with so many birds after they get into store. Each and every one of them will need an examination by an Avian(bird) Vet within first few days of having them. If pet store will take care of this and show you the proof in form of health certificate fine. If not, do not buy from them.

You would be better off finding a breeder in your local area, make an appointment to see their facility, and find a bird you like depending on the species you're interested in. Make sure you see where the breeder's birds live because you don't want a bird from a filthy, environment. The other issue is make sure your bird is older and completely weaned. Some breeders will tell you they are weaned, and babies tend to revert back to needing to be handfed with baby parrot formula with a syringe for a while after moving to new place. This is a learned skill, so make sure that either breeder has spent time showing you how before you buy a baby because you'll need to know how to do it safely or get an older bird.

Ask the breeder if they have taken the bird you want to an Avian Vet recently. If they have not, ask them if they will before you buy because sometimes sick or deformed birds are sold to people with soft hearts (which are all of us), and then the Avian Vet bills start to stack up.

If your bird does not come with a health certificate stating it is healthy or that breeder will pay for your first visit to Avian Vet, then you'll need to take it into be examined during the first few days you have your bird because moving is stressful and sometimes birds become sick from stress. Sometimes, they are already sick and in desperate need of medical services.

Thanks for writing and let us know how it goes!

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