lovebirds outside cage time

supposingly lovebirds should have lots of time with us outside of its cage, but mine doesn't really like to be outside for a lot of time. is this normal??? what should i do???

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Aug 26, 2012
Outside cage time
by: Anonymous

There really is no normal time limit for a bird to be out of the cage. It's really up to them. During the day when I'm home I leave the cage door open so my bird can do as she pleases. She spends some time sitting on the open cage door grooming herself and walks around on the table, but most of the time she's in the cage playing. The only time the cage door is closed is when I leave the house and at bed time. I do interact with her, holding and petting her but she will give me signals that she wants to go back to the cage, which is normal as birds are very protective of their homes and like to be near it.

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