lovebirds roosting

by Heather
(Perth W.A)

hi I have 2 mating lovebirds that have bred.I do not wont to breed any more for awhile but have been told they need somewhere to roost at night.
What can I put in their avairy so they can roost but not breed.We get very strong summer winds and very cold nights in winter.Dont wont to be cruel by not giving them anything to roost in.What would you suggest?

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Aug 16, 2011
lovebirds roosting
by: Linda

If it is cold and windy at your place, you must bring both of them in and put them into separate cages. Later, if you decide you want to breed more, you can put them back into their aviary as long as weather is nice. Aviaries where birds stay year round have to be heated in the winter using no light emitter bulbs, so it has to be wired for that. Birds will freeze in winter with no closed in area that has heat source. These bulbs have to be put into a wire cage as does any cording to keep birds from chewing through or breaking something. If a bird's feet ever freeze to a perch, they lose their toes and probably their feet and legs too, so bring them in during winters.

Bring them in also because a chill will cause pneumonia, and you cannot stop the mating unless you separate them entirely.

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