by Elena Fernandez
(Miami, FL)

I have 2 1 year old lovebirds and I just noticed that one is feeding the other like if it was a baby. What does that mean? Thank you,

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Jan 21, 2010
by: Linda

This is mating behavior. If both birds are of the same sex, it won't matter much as birds do this with their favorite people and toys. If, however, you have a male and female together, you need to separate them to keep them from breeding and laying eggs.

Breeding birds need a special cage and a nest box plus you need to know a whole lot about how this is handled up to and including how to handfeed babies if necessary.Parent birds have to be taken to Avian vet BEFORE any breeding so they are healthy and free of infections. Baby birds with infections they get from parents are likely to die without Avian Vet intervention.

I always recommend no breeding of birds because the market is flooded with parrots, and they end up in abusive and/or neglectful homes either right away or as people get tired of them and give them to whoever is willing to take them. Much suffering comes from having too many birds, dogs, cats, and the poor innocents suffer a lifetime of neglect and abuse at the hands of people better off with no pets.

So, if thinking of breeding birds, please choose to not do it for the sake of the birds. Birds are being bred on a large scale by bird mill breeders who are just as bad as the ones overbreeding dogs and cats. The birds are not fed well, never taken to a vet and end up in stores like Petco and Petsmart plus some in the malls. These birds are usually ALWAYS sick, and many die after they are brought home. If buying a bird from a pet store, always take it directly to an Avian Vet because 99.9% of the time, bird is already sick, and every bird in the enclosure is also sick as bacterial/viral infections are highly contageous.

Thanks for writing,

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