Loving on each other

by Chris

I have two conures a blue crown and jenday in the past two days the birds will not leave each other and the blue crown rubs his head against the others head and rubs his tongue on her beak could they have mated or might be ready to mate? theres a nest box with nothing in it inside the cage.

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Aug 18, 2010
Loving on each other
by: Linda

Chris, please do not allow these two birds to breed. This is not the correct way to breed birds because hybrids are ultimately weaker than birds bred to same. Please take out the nest box, get another cage for one of these birds and do some reading and studying before embarking on a breeding program. Breeding is complicated, expensive and there is much to learn BEFORE going into it. Hybrids are not all that they have been hyped to be, and I suggest you do your homework now instead of later when you are unable to find homes for the mutt birds coming out of such a breeding.

Also, any birds being readied to breed have to have been checked over by an Avian Vet beforehand to ensure they don't pass on infections to the babies.

I suggest you get two large cages and new mates for each of your birds, study until you understand what you are doing and learn the skill of handfeeding baby birds. This is a taught skill, and so you'll need to talk with breeders and see if one of them can show you how to do this correctly. Handfeeding done wrong will kill the babies from either too hot formula, too cold formula, aspiration because you don't know how to put the syringe into the bird's mouths and how much to feed as a mouthful. Many things to learn before you are ready to actually breed.

Thanks for writng in BEFORE the hen tries to lay eggs because you are not going to be happy with the results of this breeding, and it weakens the gene pool for both species of bird.


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