Lower mandible/ chin injury

by Hollie
(New Hampshire)

My African Timneh got the underside of his beak caught on a toy in his cage. He is young, only 3 months and in perfect health. There was only a few drops of blood but he is drinking and appears to be moving his tongue normally. Our avian vet is closed for the holiday and the emergency clinic is over an hour away. I'm sure he is in pain even if he is acting normal. Is there anything I can do to ease his pain or to watch out for until I can get him to the vet?

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May 28, 2013
injured parrot
by: Alex

I am afraid that the only thing you can do, is get the bird to the emergency vet.

If you cannot drive I would suggest asking a friend or family member to get you there.

There is nothing we can do online, and will not prescribe any over the counter medications as they are more likely to cause harm, as they are designed for money making and nothing else.

Your bird will most likely be in a lot of pain and only an in person visit will help your bird.

Get to the emergency one ASAP as she is in pain, the bleeding may start again and they bleed to death quickly due to the very small amount of blood they have. Infection could also set in.

DO NOT give her any human pain medication.

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