Loyal Conure Who Decides to Attack

by Mario
(New Bedford, MA)

I have a green cheek conure, very lovable, and is not territorial of her cage. I can put my hand in there at anytime and pick her up. She kisses me - totally loves me. One thing baffles me, and I think about all the reasons why does she act a certain way. Fear? Dominance? Or, possessiveness?

It seems to happen in the night, not sure if her vision is hindered, but I thought conures have great eye sight, but if I lay down and place the bird on my stomach area and go to approach her with my finger, she seems to go at it by attacking it. She gets ruffled up and you can really tell she is not happy. I use my left finger and she is fine, or when this is happening and she runs up to my shoulder, I look her in the face and she kisses my nose, my lips even, very gently. So I don't get it. A mistaken finger?

She acted this way when other family members try to get near me - sometimes not always. I try to show her that is my finger and place it up to my face while she kisses me to know the finger is safe. I don't get it... This morning she did not act this way at all. Same scenario but totally lovable. I try to grab her beak and say no, then she kisses me. I grab her beak when playing so I'm not being mean here.

I use the "UP" command which diminishes the act to bite. So when it does happen, I use my other finger by saying UP, then use the finger she was mad at, and place it in front of her again and say UP, so she climbs onto it and knows there is no danger, then I place that finger by my lips making kissing sounds so she can kiss back. I don't know, hopefully she gets it is me, and if she knows it's me then she must be scaird from something the previous owner might have done, or she is acting in a 'Controlling' way.

I can't think birdie, so don't know what their minds are up to in this case. Does anyone have experience to answer this? Thanks

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Jun 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

no illness, and she gets plenty of natural light,and sometimes placed in the early sun, before 10am. every since she has been well. the diagnosis was indeed a mistaken finger. she never does this much anymore, since i learned prior the previous owners use to taunt her and play stab her in the face with their finger. she was just traumatized. rarely now she sometimes thinks a "new" finger is coming her way and attacks it to protect me, as she quickly climbs up to me to give me a kiss after. i see how she acts with strangers, she attacks their fingers and if they try to get close to get a kiss from her she pecks their nose, but with me after she has mistakenly attacked my finger, she kisses my nose, so i don't think she intentionally meant to do that to me. funny how little birdies are, but yet smart in their own ways.

Apr 21, 2010
Loyal Conure Who Decides to Attack
by: Linda

If she's only doing this at night, then the solution to the problem will be to put her to bed around 9pm and make sure her cage is not near people and the TV and leave her alone until morning. Birds need around 12 hours of darkness and about the same of light. You also need to invest in full spectrum lights if you don't have them because birds do not get any full spectrum through windows as the light is filtered down to the lower three colors. Flowering plants won't do well with only the three colors either. You'll need to add extension cords to them and make sure you tape the cords to the wall so bird does not get into them. We hang ours high enough above cage so when birds are out they cannot reach either the cord or the lights and it works fine.

The other problem could be an illness coming on, so keep an eye out for stomach upsets, lack of energy, lack of appetite or other changes in behavior as these indicate a sick bird who will need the services of an Avian Vet in your driving area.

Let us know how things go and thanks for writing to us about this issue.


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