Lucy Macaw's Flying Adventure!

by Chloe Bugbee
(Sandusky, Ohio)

B&G Macaw Lucy outside

B&G Macaw Lucy outside

Lucy is a two year old blue & gold macaw. She is my baby, I wrote a Christmas story about getting her. I am 14 years old. People don't take me seriously that I know A LOT about birds. I don't care if they don't believe me, I know in my heart that I have a gift that I call "bird whisperer." But here's the story of Lucy's Adventure!

My sister and I took Lucy outside for the first time. Lucy just sat on the deck looking up at the sky. She has clipped wings so she couldn't fly away from us. Lucy walked back into the house when I walked in. She followed me outside and wanted me to pick her up, so i did. I took pictures of her outside on the gate railing and the ground, she was perfect! My sister on the other hand told me to follow her, so I did. I had Lucy with me on my shoulder. My sister ran around the grass and then came up to me "throw Lucy!" I told her "No, I don't want to lose her, I'm never getting another macaw again!" But she insisted, she grabbed Lucy off my shoulder and threw her into the air.

Lucy flew not high, but high enough where she could fly over the tall wooden gates. She flew in a half oval over to our neighbor's backyard. Worried about Lucy, my heart pounded and I thought I wasn't breathing for a moment. But Lucy flying in the sky, looked like she was having the time of her life. Her feathers getting the warm air in them and her eyes, they looked so scared, but happy at the same time.

I followed where Lucy was flying. She crashed into a metal gate in one of our neighbor's lawn. Luckily, a man came out into his backyard, I yelled to him "Will you get my bird? Will you get my bird?" He looked at me and walked over to her "Will she bite me?" I yelled back "No, she shouldn't!" Lucy, scared got on his hand safely with no problems. The nice man walked over to the gate and lifted her over to me. I said "thank you" a bunch of times and ran into the house. I told my dad, he wasn't to concerned because I have her back.

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Jul 16, 2012
Blue and Gold Macaw flew off with clipped wings
by: Tracie

You are soooo fortunate to have her back! Many people think birds can't fly outside with clipped wings. A breeze can carry a bird far away, and the bird may not know how to return. Also, if it lands where a wild bird with a disease has been, your bird may get a disease.

Thanks for sharing, hopefully others will learn from your experience.

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