Lucy the Cape Parrot 6 mo. later

by Dana Mueller
(St. petersburg Fl)

Lucy cape parrot

Lucy cape parrot

Look for previous posts on Lucy for beginning of story.

Lucy is molting right now. She became a little cranky, but the worst is over and she is much better.

She is still a 2 person bird, and is happy to hang out with either one of us. She is not very comfortable with strangers yet. But she is not mean or biting, just leery.

She is still eating her fresh veggies and fruit along with her favorite nuts.

We seem to be in the flight path to T.I.A. and she does not care for the planes flying over. I wonder sometimes if she thinks they are giant birds.

She is not crazy about Egrets or Herons either. We also have the occasional Red Tailed hawk that lands on the pool enclosure. She trembles with fear when she is exposed to any of the above. However she does not seem to mind the Osprey that hover over and scream for their mates.

The lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and edgers, were an issue the first month or so. But she has adapted well to the noise.

She is talking and whistling more, her words are still not crystal clear, but she is improving. She will mostly talk when you first pick her up, or when she is alone after play time.

She is a sloppy housekeeper, her cage always looks like a train wreck. As I said in past comments, her cage is large, 6x4. We have installed a 16x16 wicker box at the top of her cage and we have it on its side so she can walk into it. Every morning before work, I put all her foot toys inside the box along with almonds, walnuts, and pecans. When I return home from work all the toys are on the floor and inside her food and water bowls.

She and Chloe (cockatiel) still have a love/hate relationship. They play outside together and sleep with their cages next to the other. She will still go after Chloe on occasion, but Chloe is the faster of the two, and always manages to escape from Lucy when she lunges for her.

She does not scream unless scared or Chloe is not with her. She has Chloe's whistle down to a science. And even side by side it is hard to determine which one is whistling. On the few occasions that Lucy has got herself in a jam, it has been Chloe who has alerted us to trouble. Lucy would just sit quietly and wait for the rescue and Chloe would be screeching her head off. I am not so sure Lucy would return the favor.

We have been experiencing some biting issues of late. And it did not start until I got the brainy idea to buy wooden beads med. To lg. in bulk. Every time I got home I would give Lucy a handful or so to break with her beak. Now the Beads are gone and she is not happy. So our fingers are the new replacement. When she does this we tell her NO BITE! in a firm voice and return her to the cage. I am not really sure if she is understanding why we are doing this. And I have not decided if I want to buy more wooden beads. I have a few videos of her on you tube under Lucy the Cape Parrot. Until next time. ?..

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Nov 10, 2009
Beautiful Cape Parrot
by: Tracie

I am soooo glad you have updated us on Lucy, your Cape Parrot. I think these birds are so overlooked. They are such sweet wonderful birds.

I hope that many people will discover, through your helpful information, that a Cape Parrot is the bird that will fit in their household.

I love your picture too! Wow, what a nice bird set up you have!

Nov 09, 2009
Lucy the Cape Parrot 6 mo. later
by: Linda

Your story is a happy one, and I only have one negative input about food.


If she is not eating a high quality organic pelleted diet, then she needs to be as well as the Cockatiel. An all seed diet is lacking in basic nutrition, and all fruit and veggies need to be no more than 10% of the total overall diet. They also need to be organic if you have a place to get organic foods.

The pellets I recommend are Harrison's and Tracie carries their products out here. It takes time to make the change from seeds to pellets and here is a link to an article on how to do it.

Switching Birds to Pellets article.

So, get both your birds on a more wholesome diet and off the big fatty nuts. I know birds like them, and I also know birds die every year from fatty liver disease as well as heart attacks from eating food too high in fat like the nuts. No table food either as most of that has too much fat, salt and sugar.

Read Dr. B's article and get both your birds some pellets. Tracie carries several different organic ones, and we've used Harrisons for years and so can highly recommend them.

Thanks for writing,

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