Lucy the Cape Parrot

by Bill & Dana
(St. Petersburg, FL)

Lucy (Cape Parrot hatched in Feb 09)

Lucy (Cape Parrot hatched in Feb 09)

Lucy is our second Cape. She was hatched in Feb. 09 and we adopted her from Jean Pattison (Jean the African Queen). Lucy is a great companion, non biter, quiet, and lots of fun.

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Nov 07, 2009
Lucy the cape parrot 6 mo. after adoption
by: Dana Mueller

Lucy is developing her own unique personality.
She whistles now when she hears the beep beep of our alarm when we return home. She cannot see us from her cage but she knows we have entered the house, and lets us know she wants our company.

She flys from her high perch inside he cage to the perch on her door so as we open the door she swings out. Sometimes if we make her wait to long she will be on her door perch spinning around the perch, she does a complete 360 around the perch, over and over until we open the door.

While we are away she has a toy chest that she completely empties. It is a wicker basket approx.
16"x16" and we have it mounted at the top of the cage sideways so she can walk inside.
All her foot toys are inside with walnuts, pecans, and almonds thrown into the mix... she has to dig thru the toys to find them. When we get home, every toy is on the floor of her cage.

After our one on one play time where she gets her head rubbed, I take her and Chloe outside to their hanging play gyms. They both fly around from gym to gym and stretch their wings. When they are finished Lucy usually puts all her foot toys and big nuts into her water bowl. I usually have to change her water several times do to her trashing the bowl.
When she is finished with that she usually starts working on her vocabulary. She is really trying to talk, though her enunciation needs work. But otherwise she is doing well. She says STEP UP, NO BITE, WATCHA DOING,and she has very long solitary conversations that I have yet to figure out.

Her biting has reached a new level and it started after I bought her wooden spools in bulk. She lived for me to come home and give her a handful to destroy. It was the highlight of the day. Now she sees a finger she wants to crack it open... We are working on that problem. I have been out of the wooden spools for about a week now, we will see how that goes.
until next time.......

Aug 31, 2009
More on Lucy
by: Dana

Lucy so far has bonded with both Bill and I.
She does not really favor one over the other.
We also divide our time with the birds. I spend more time in the mornings and weekends. Bill spends more time in the P.M. hours and at lunch hour, if he can make it home.
Lucy has a very large cage 6x4. We also have a very large screen enclosure so she gets plenty of exercise. She has a companion bird buddy. Chloe is a cockatiel. They maintain separate cages but spend outdoor time together. You will not find one without the other. Chloe is very fast and can easily get away from Lucy if Lucy gets a little rough. And she has been known to do so.
Both birds are very clingy. If we allowed it they would sit on our shoulders 24/7 We do the bonding thing first thing in the morning and when we are relaxing. If we let them be with us on demand we would get nothing done. You would be surprised how much time your bird will DEMAND. It is very important that we don't let them out of their cages when they are making a fuss. It only encourages a bigger fuss the next time around. Lucy is experimenting with words now. Usually when she is alone and in the middle of the afternoons. Every now and then a random word or sentence will emerge
I swear she has said step up and wathcha doing. But Bill says I hear what I want to hear.
I am so afraid that she will not get enough to eat. I probably go overboard with the food. I steam her veggies at least twice a day. She also gets cherries, apples, grapes, plums etc. I make sure never to leave veggies or fruit in her dish longer then 24 hours. She has 2 water dishes we clean and change several times a day. She tends to put all her food in her water dish and it can sour very fast. We have not had any luck with pellets for Lucy, I still put it in her dish, but she will pass it over for other goodies. She likes her nuts and seed as well as her fresh fruits and veggies. I will post more later.

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