Lucy The Umbrella Cockatoo

by Judy



I Rescue Not in a Rescue Org. Just a Home Rescue I just took in a Umbrella Cockatoo name Lucy. They gave her to me because They have three very large Dogs that Lucy Loved to Taunt. That is Very Normal for a Cockatoo.

She was very well taken care of. She was given Lots of Love. Im had her about 1 month now. She does not scream , She loves everyone, Love's to Sing and just a perfect Bird.

She has this cute little I LOVE You Voice. And Loves to sing. And never being around Kids Ever She just Loves my Granddaughter, who is 8 years old , And Lucy is 8 Years old. My granddaughter will hug her she just loves it. I ONLY WISH More Birds were this well taken care of by there Ex owners.

My experience has been Birds that are damaged physically or mentally. And i truly Thank Them for being a Very Responsible Parrot Owner. And im Sure Lucy Thanks You Also Judy

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Sep 03, 2008
marilyn and ringo
by: Anonymous

We were doubly blessed by being able to get two umbrellas that are 7(female) and 9 (male). They are bonded and yet are still velcro birds with my husband and me. What a wonderful experience!

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