Luigi the Yellow Nape

by Yvonne
(Bossier City, LA)

Josie and Luigi at the pet store

Josie and Luigi at the pet store

Luigi was hatched in July 2004. We tried very hard when he was younger to socialize him with lots of people. As a result (unless he is in a mood) he will go to anyone and is gentle with them.

I have notice that he is "extra" gentle with people that have a disability. I am convinced that he knows that they are "special" and is more tolerant with them. He will only "cuddle" with 2 people though. Me and my 9 year old daughter Josie.

He has sat and talked to Josie for hours. When the sun comes up Luigi is up and expects everyone else to be too. We have 3 other birds in the house (a Green Winged Macaw, an African Grey, and a White Front) and they get in on the fun (noise) too. If we get up and talk to him or give them all a snack they quiet down.

Luigi is the oldest and is definitely the "Alpha" bird. If he is quiet they are all quiet. If he gets loud they ALL get loud. He has a large vocabulary (approx 150 words). He says "give me a cookie" when he wants a snack and tells me "good night, I love you" when I shut off the lights for bed time. He can also mimics sounds (i.e. the phone, a cat meow, a dog bark, a squeaking door hinge, and a train).

When the sun goes down he quiets down unless we start up the vacuum cleaner. He can't stand for something to be louder then he is. If there is a storm coming in he will get loud. If we know there is one coming we will take a spray bottle and spray him down and that usually stops him before he starts. He LOVES his spray bottle baths.

He is a show off and loves to do tricks. Although he normally won't talk or do tricks for someone the first time he meets them. I can't imagine my house with out Luigi. He is a BIG part of my family.