lump in front of her vent

i have two females(3 years) male .one female has never laid a egg ever but she is mating with the male ...and the more they mate the lump seems to get larger.she is still eating drinking and flying around.i called the vet ..she said she is not egg bound it has been over a week and the bird would have died..Im very worried because its not going away....they have a good diet and i give vitamins...please help

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Feb 04, 2012
Bird with lump in vent
by: Tracie

Your bird likely has a tumor, what kind of tumor can only be determined by an in person visit with an avian vet. Dr B can not determine what is wrong over the Internet. Please Find an Avian Vet

Dr B says to NEVER to give birds vitamins, you can kill them doing that. I killed my first bird by giving it vitamins suggested at the pet store.

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