Lump next to eye.

by Sharri

Over the past week or so I have noticed a lump come up next to my cockateil's eye (to the left of his eye). I have been keeping an eye on it and until within these past couple of days it was a clear - light pink in colour however it has now become darker (like the colour of his skin) and has started to displace a few feathers but not grow larger.

It doesn't seem to bother him as he doesn't rub/scratch it against anything nor blinking excessively. I will obviously need to take him to the vet I was just wondering whether you'd have any insight to it first. He's around 15-18yrs old and no other visible lumps have surfaced with it.

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Mar 07, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have a green cheeck conure that also has a lump next to his eye. Not sure how it got there or anything like that. Its been acouple months since then and hes doing fine. hes an pretty old bird and I thought if anything should happen I would accept it. I just don't want him to suffer, but he seems to be doing fine. and he most of all comfortable. Not alone at all. Staying strong for our love ones. Take care....

Mar 02, 2012
Lump next to eye
by: Tracie

Dr B can not give insight without examining the lump and running tests on the material in the lump, sorry. It could be an infection or a tumor.

Please make sure you Find an Avian Vet and not take the bird to a dog/cat vet. Regular vets often accidentally kill birds due to a lack of training and experience.

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