Lump On Budgie's Back

by Ghoruob

Hi i have recently found a lump on my budgies back, he tends to bite it sometimes & i dont know what it is i have enclosed a picture

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Sep 18, 2009
Lump on Budgie
by: The Vet

This could be a feathers cyst, an ingrown feather, or an abscess. It may also be a squamous metaplasia associated with vitamin A deficiency. You should take your bird in to an avian veterinarian for an exam.

Sep 17, 2009
by: Linda

Hi and thanks for writing. Please make an appointment with your local Avian Vet and take your little bird in for them to look at this. It could be a tumor or just an infection, and you won't know until you take him in to the Vet.

Let us know what vet had to say,

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