lump on nose

I have a cockatiel and he is 24 years old - first of all How long do they live? I was told 8 - 15 yrs when I got him at 16 wks old.

This past week he has developed at knot on his nose. It doesnt seem to be bothering him and not causing any breathing issues yet but it get a bit bigger each day - I will take him to vet if I need too but the stress might be pretty tough on him.

He used to be a lot easier going but with his age he tends to have seizures or anixiety attacks - these happen in the middle of the night sometimes and I can calm him by talking to him I actually though maybe he hit his nose on something during one of these episodes. its not open or seeping or anything.

Please advise me. Cricket

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Jan 22, 2014
Night Frights
by: Alex

Cockatiels are known for having night frights.

The bird "freaks out" in the night. It gets scared and flaps around the cage trying to get away.

I suppose they are nightmares. Animals dream too.

A night light in the room with the bird may help with the night frights.

I advise you to get the bird to an avian vet to check out the lump. You can also discuss the seizures and night frights with the vet.

Keep us updated.

Thanks for getting in contact.

Jan 21, 2014
lump on nose
by: Linda

The normal life span for the Cockatiel is around 25 but with good care they can live a bit longer. I suggest you take bird to Avian Vet ONLY because older birds should be examined yearly to make sure organs are functioning properly and that they have no infections.

It sounds like you are describing night terrors for the falling in the middle of the night. Please start covering her cage at night. Leave about 2 inches at bottom for air circulation. This will help with the night terrors which are common with these birds and others too.

Have Avian Vet do basic bloodwork to determine if organs are functioning properly and have her checked for infections.

The stress of going to an avian vet will be outweighed by the benefits of her receiving medical care she needs.Take her to an Avian vet ONLY because they are the only vets licensed and trained in the diagnosing and treatment of illness. Dog and cat vets kill more birds than they help because they know diddle about birds.

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