Lump on Rosella's chest

by Alec

My nesting Golden Mantel Rosella has a large lump on her chest like a egg. What can this be

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Apr 28, 2011
Lump on Rosella's chest
by: Linda

This is something where you need to get her into see an Avian Vet as quickly as is possible. This sounds like it is either a massive tumor or an abcess either of which will need an avian vet to tell for sure.

Please don't wait any longer to have her examined as this can and will start interfering with breathing and/or digestion depending on whether or not it is as large inside as outside, and an xray is the only way to see this. The mass will show as a shadow, and avian vet can tell from that how large it is and if it is attached to organs or not. They will then want to do a more complete study with machine that sees soft tissue masses and will set you up for that if necessary. If it is just on the outside skin, avian vet will probably want to remove it. Just talk with them about what it is and options about what to do about it. If bird is nesting, I'd say this nest is a lost cause. If you already have babies, get ready to handfeed them yourself to save their lives.

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