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Nov 03, 2010
lung congestion
by: Linda

Well, though I'm not an Avian Vet or any kind of vet for that matter, I think his lung congestion thing is a bit on the vague side. Lung congestion is a result of a bacterial or viral infection that has been going on for a while and has moved into the lungs presenting pneumonia like symptoms. The other kind of lung congestion is from edema or fluid in the lungs causing heart failure and is called congestive heart failure.

Call the Avian Vet back and find out exactly what happened to the birds. Did they die from a prolonged infection or did they both die from congestive heart failure which is doubtful for both at once though heart and lung problems can be congenital in some birds especially those that have been inbred.

You would have noticed signs of infection way before they died because signs include runny stools, stuffy noses, lack of energy and appetite. Sick birds just don't look right and don't act right either.

Ask the vet if he did bloodwork to see if there was a toxin involved because it is odd that they died after the banana. There are many and varied toxins found in homes among them room deoderizers including scented candles and the plug in kind. These will kill parrots as will hairspray, perfume, glue, smoke, paint and many other things. Problems with water supply coming into home can cause them to ingest toxins as none of our water supplies are really clean anymore. We had to start renting a Culligan under the sink reverse osmosis system because of toxins and mineral buildup in our water. They also put lots of chlorine and fluoride into it both of which build up in human and animal systems until death occurs. You may wish to have your water checked to be sure.

Otherwise, I'd request a more defined necropsy result than you received because it sounds as if they did not do a thorough job because toxins can be found in the liver if the necropsy is done quickly which you did.

So sorry for your loss, and I'd make sure cages or toys have NO ZINC or lead present. The Chinese manufacturers are now putting Cadmium which is a deadly carcinogen into the zinc to make it cheaper to make and sell. Zinc all by itself is as bad as lead, add Cadmium to it, and you have a volatile killer of both human and animal populations.

Use stainless steel or nickel plated hardware for perches and hanging toys. Buy only SS or nickel plated chain and if the store does know what chain is made of, do a search of internet for what you need.

I hope all is well with your other birds, and I know this is a very sad time for you. My heart and prayers go out to you.


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