ma indian ring neck baby bird iz abt 2 month old......

by wahab

ma indian ring neck baby bird iz abt 2 month old......
bt he iz nt eatng any thng it self.........he iz still on hand feed...... im so woriied abt him...........
tell me how to teach him so he caneat him self.........abt shuld i gav him 2 eat........

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Jun 28, 2012
can i realease my parrot?
by: Anonymous

Hi I found a baby parrot in my parking lot and since then i have taken him home.....he eats only pomegranate seeds and bengal gram (chana) he still doesnt hv a will i know his age?...and can i release him once he grows up?...will he be accepted by other birds?..he is with me for more than a month but still he gets scared and screams when i go near his cage 2 clean the cage or gv him food!!

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May 29, 2011

THNKU ...i wana knw that.. any alternativ ov Harrison's Bird Foods..which can b available in pakistan also.......???m
i waz feeding him with crelac a human baby it f9 for him....

May 27, 2011
ma indian ring neck baby bird iz abt 2 month old......
by: Linda

Baby parrots have to eat baby parrot handfeeding formula which is dry and you can see what it looks like on this site. I don't know if your country will allow it to come in, and if they do, then you need to get some. It is mixed with water, heated and given with a very small spoon or syringe. You'll need a breeder to show you how to use the syringe because you can hurt bird if you don't know what you're doing.

Your baby bird will not be ready to wean for another month, maybe a bit less, and then you'll need to wean it onto an organic pellet like Harrison's found here. (I know you can't get it here because you live in Pakistan) Get the grind(size) that is indicated for your size bird. It has no preservatives, so will need to be refrigerated. Take out enough for a meal about 30 minutes before feeding so it is room temperature. Never feed birds cold food.

You can find information about the weaning process on the internet, or find some breeders or one breeder in your area so you can learn how to go about this. Most important thing now is the right kind of food or your bird will suffer physical problems.

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May 26, 2011
indian ring neck
by: melanie

he will be ok darling just keep feeding him by hand and try and give him some millet he will love that also a bit of rice in his dish to coax him he will get there don't worry
melanie xx

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