Macaw all of a sudden VERY aggressive

by Sherrie
(Spokane, Wa)

a few weeks ago we found our 26 year old Greenwing macaw trying to mate with our dogs stuffed toys. he became Very aggressive and attacked my husband. we have taken the toys away. for 2 weeks now he has been unusually aggressive and tries to attack through his cage. he almost seems afraid of us, like he doesn't know us. could he possibly have had a stroke or do birds get dementia?? or could he all the sudden be hitting puberty and if so how long does this last? he is usually not locked in his cage, but has been since this behavior, and i feel terrible keeping him locked up. Thank you for your service

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Jul 25, 2013
Aggressive Macaw
by: The Avian Vet

He is way past sexual maturity. This type of behavior commonly occurs with reproductive medical conditions such as testicular or ovarian cancer and other problems. Is your bird DNA sexed? I recommend that you see an avian specialist immediately. I have lots of experience with this. Can you brig him to me in NC?

Dr B

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