Macaw died

by Diane
(New York)

im just curious i had a blue and gold for 7 yrs he was 3 when i rescued him out of all the birds i rescued and bought he was the best anyone could hold him pet him hug him he was just incredible he ate and drank up until the day he died which was nov 3 2010 my poor little son whom just turned 5 has been through so much tragedy this past year was so upset he cried himself to sleep and keeps telling me he died and he wants him back he really did not need this right now but my question is how can a healthy bird just die like that there were no signs we are all in shock the said part is is that he waited for me there cages are in the basement which is finished there are with me upstairs until night or when i go out so i went to get them i heard a cry and he looked at me i took him out and by the time i got upstairs he was gone

i'm still in shock don't know what happened to him can you please give me an answer i need some kind of closure we are all still in shock that this happened to him and do i have to worry about my scarlet they were close but he is six both males i'm very upset

i treat my birds and all my pets like they are my children very spoiled and well taken care of but i just need to know what could have done that to him could he have been sick all along and just not have known it please help me and give me some kind of answer i would greatly appreciate it i loved him so much especially the way he looked at me with such love when i held him i could hold and hug and cuddle with him like you would a cat or a dog and i don't know what happened thank you diane

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Nov 07, 2010
Macaw died
by: Linda

I am very sorry for your loss, and I realize you are very upset. You need to quiet your mind and listen very carefully to what I have to say.

The only way to know what killed your bird is to have a necropsy done by an Avian Vet in your driving area. Necropsies have to be done almost immediately after death before tissue starts to breakdown on the cellular level. This is the ONLY way to know what actually happened. For bird to die that quickly with no symptoms indicates a possible heart attack or stroke or a toxin it ingested or breathed.

I would run, not walk, to the nearest Avian Vet in your area with your other birds. Have the Avian Vet do throat swabs to check for bacterial infections, bloodwork to check for viral infections and to see if there are any toxins showing in the bloodwork. Be sure to tell Avian Vet about your bird that died, where the birds spend most of their time, what the basement is like as for heating and ventilation. If you are using any wood heat, this will kill your birds because burning wood releases lots of waste matter which is toxic for humans and birds. If you use gas heat, have it checked for leaks inside and outside the house. Gas will kill quickly, and it will take the birds first, and the weakest ones will be the first to die.

If you have not taken your birds to an Avian Vet in the last year for a checkup, now is the time to get this done. Make sure Avian Vet knows you are concerned with signs of toxins in their blood or any problems with organs.

Again, so very sorry for your loss, and you must get your other birds into the Avian Vet as soon as is possible, plus having any gas lines checked and have someone do some testing on your water supply as well. Most of our tap water is loaded with toxins which means we have to have some kind of reverse osmosis filtering system either attached to well as water is pumped into house or under the sink. We have one under the sink as our water has chlorine and fluoride in it plus other toxins and sediment that is not good for birds. Do not use any of the bottled water you find in store because most of them are coming directly from your local water supply and are not treated in any way. Until your water tested, you can boil what the birds drink and run it through something like coffee filters into a bottle that will be used in a day or two's time. Always let water warm to room temperature because cold food or water is deadly for birds.

Let us know what Avian has to say about the rest of your birds and what you find out about the state of your heating situation and water. My heart goes out to you in this time of loss, and your little child needs the comfort of knowing his other birds are in healthy condition.


Nov 07, 2010
by: Anonymous

That is so sad. I feel so bad for you, your child and the dead bird.

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