Macaw loves pepsi

by Inez

If Sam sees a pepsi can she goes wild wanting a drink. I know caffeine is bad, so is caffeine free okay, thanks inez

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Jan 11, 2009
want some soda?
by: marylou

i know everything i read says no soda. i have 2 macaws one (alex) loves soda and ice tea! when he see me with a pepsi or hears the bottle open he says "want some soda" i give him some on my finger then it's "want some more" i only give him caffeine free and limit it.

Feb 19, 2008
No Soda!
by: Anonymous

No kind of Carbonated drinks are ok to birds. They contain many other ingredients that are harmful to the little guys.

Feb 01, 2008
macaw loves pepsi
by: Win

Hi Inez,

No 'soda' is good for a parrot. I would just stick to the water. Make sure Sam's bowl, always has fresh water in it.

Jan 28, 2008
Is it getting enough water?
by: Anonymous

Does he have plety of clean water at all times in a dish or bowl? I knew of someone who gave his bird a water bottle and he never could drink out of it and died. I would stick to water if it were my bird.

Jan 27, 2008
by: Anonymous

Im no expert but I have read lots and lots and keep in mind too much sugar is not good either but neither is artificial sweetners I think if It were me I would give him a drop of the caffine free drink just a taste.. My Quaker Parrot is the same way he wants everything I have so I try to give him tastes of different things. Remember "moderation"

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