Macaw or Cockatoo

by Ray

Hello everyone!! Its me again and I was wondering should I get a macaw or cockatoo? I was thinking of the Blue and gold macaw or green winged macaw and for cockatoo, umbrella cockatoo, citron crested cockatoo, or medium sulphur crested cockatoo. I've had experience on birds because I have a parakeet and a sun conure. ^^ Can you also give me the pros and cons of macaws and cockatoos? PLZ, no making things up!! Thank you!! :]

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Aug 04, 2018
Right answer
by: Anonymous

The largest Macaw the Hyacinth Macaw at the most weigh five pounds

Aug 03, 2018
mini macaw
by: Anonymous

i have a hahns macaw and he is mean chase u out of his cage

Oct 17, 2017
macaw or cockatoo
by: courtney woods

they both can be noisy macaw is nice but mean sometimes cockatoo is messy love to chewy on stiff
they both is a lovable

Aug 22, 2017
Should I get a Africa grey or a macaw
by: Ella

should I get a Africa grey or a macaw

Editor's note: Only you can answer that. Please visit a breeder several times, play with the birds, ask all the questions about the noise, the mess and cost of avian vet care before deciding.

Jun 19, 2017
by: Anonymous

My macaw killed my cockatoos

Dec 28, 2016
by: Sister

I own a cockatoo. Her name is Happy for a reason. I look at Macaws and Toos in this way. The Macaw is an introvert and the my U2 is an extrovert. My U2 is a 4 yr old for 90 yrs. A macaw is a teen for 90. Neither one imo should ever be in same home because of a Macaw's inabilty to deal with a crazy Extrovert. I have a friend who breeds Macaws for zoos. According to her, no Macaw should be placed with any smaller birds, especially a 2 that will sit behind it and in it's own way, nag it all day with it's own version of "Im not touching u"! Both Macaws and U2s have noise decibles above 90. That is equivalent to a jet engine and can be heard up to a mile away.
Zoo expert says that the U2 tends to destroy a macaw eventually due to a Macaws nervous nature, then Macaw becomes naked and actually may never grow its plumage back if it has "scarred" itself so bad from plucking. A U2 will make a quiet Macaw become very loud and the cockatoo risks loosing it's feet because it doesnt understand the Macaw is a perch bird. Ask any reaponsible Macaw owner who has one and they most likely will have carpal tunnel syndrome in the arm they use to perch. A cockatoo prefers one human but can be taught to respect others and look to you for the answers. I have had many birds except the Macaw. I rescued Happy from a Macaw owner being bit by the Macaw when she asked for any attention by this human. The bird was naked, on meds and near death from the stress of another bird in the house. That Macaw 3 yrs later still hasnt grown it's feathers back and Happy only has 3 toes on one foot.

So here is what my friend tells people trying to make this decision: would you like a feathered monkey for the rest of your life who wants to be human (U2) or a queen,who will promote shoulder and arm problems in about 10 yrs but if put in a corner will be just fine... well except for your house lol but that goes for both lol. They demand an imcredible amount of attention or they will rebel. All parrots have issues but Macaws require a quiet home without a lot of love by a single pwrson. Also, U2's require a strict schedule regarding bed by dark, up by dawn, an environment where they are the center of attention. I guess it depends on how needy you are in choosing as well. And, they really want to please the human they call parent and to me are so much easier to train, and I can actually have a conversation with Happy.

Nov 12, 2016
by: Linda

I would like to know if anyone has heard of a blue and gold macaw and malucan cockatoo breeding ??
I have a large outdoor cage where I have these two birds and in a box I have found broken eggs ! Is it possible ?

Mar 16, 2016
Macaw or Cokatoo
by: Stao

Have owned Both and still owning the G&B macaw. The macaw is much friendlier, quite, gentle, easier to train and good with strangers.

The cockatoo on the other hand is more aggressive, unpredictable, makes horrible noises and very destructive.

I would definitely recommend Macaw over the Too.

Feb 10, 2014
lol Macaw 15 pounds!
by: Anonymous

The largest Macaw the hyacinth only gets up to 5lb at the most and that would be a large adult Male most likely. The greeningwings around 3 - 4lb. 15Lb parrots don't exist.. teradactiles have been extinct for millions of years man! Lol

Feb 24, 2013
15 pounds
by: Anonymous

I'm not sure as to which species of Macaw weighs 15 lbs. I have a green wing and he's roughly 1700 grams.
You should do more research before spouting stuff out like 15 lbs. lol

Jan 28, 2013
Cockatoo better than Macaw ???
by: Trevor

Hi Hillary
I have owned 5 macaws and 2 cockatoos since I was 18 years old I'm 54 now and have the same 7 birds. I have worked a lot in rescue and fostered many cockatoos as well as. Macaws. Don't be fooled by the cockatoos permanent smile and liquid black eyes . The cockatoo can be every bit as vicious as any macaw in fact I have found macaws broadcast their intent to bite before the deed where as a cockatoo will launch a more sneak attack. Both species are large non- domestic animals that are more than capable of taking a grown mans finger off with one quick snap. If someone is so foolish to let any bird ride on their sholder they very well may loose an eye or ear. Both species are beautiful wonderful and capable of being dangerous in the wrong hands. I don't recommend the large birds to very many people they are difficult at best for the novice bird owner a Senegal parrot has all the personality and beauty without the risks . Please go to rescue groupe and handle some Cockatoos before you acquire a bird the shelters are brimming full of big parrots that people paid a pretty penny for and decided they were too much to handle . Good luck

May 29, 2011
My Experience
by: Joe

Macaws in my opinion are more lovable.
While Too's are more energetic.
But either way you must note that larger birds can't live off of seeds. You need to feed them veggies and MOST fruits (excluding rhubarb and avocado) And cook for them as well. i could go on forever but if you've done the reading and know all of the I-do's. Then it really just depends on your situation. cockatoos are More of House Wreckers and they make Much more noise. But they are lot more active and fun. Macaws are slightly bigger, Same diet. They have slightly less of an obsession to their owner.
Bottom line:
cockatoo: but only if you're Very experienced and can handle a feathered tornado

Jul 05, 2010
Both are a challange
by: Sonya

We have a 25 yr old B&G macaw and a 20 yr old Mullucon cockatoo.. you do not have enough experiance with big birds to make such a big step.. respect these big birds.. knowlegde is power go voulenteer at a bird rescue before you semi commit to adopting such responsability..

Too many second hand home birds out there for un knowlegable owners..

Jun 16, 2010
macaw or cockatoo
by: Anonymous

For me, it all comes down to how committed you are to giving attention. Macaws in general are more laid back and do fairly well when left alone and learn to play by themselves better. Cockatoos on the other hand thrive more on attention and are more emotionally attached in my opinion, and therefore have more plucking and behavioral problems if they don't get the attention they want. Also keep in mind that both these birds live to around 60+ years, much longer than a parakeet and conure, so make sure you have a plan for the future, whether it be high school, college, and career.

May 05, 2010
too or macaw
by: sandfy

i would liketo as if you have ever owned a bird
and if not then you should do a lot of reading before buying. i do rescue i florida. and i can tell you that taking care of birds is a real chalenge. your cockatoos require a lot of attention and i mean a if you can not give them a lot do not buy one.
your macaws do not require as much attention but, don;t get me wrong they still need attention.
you seem to have given yourself a choice between the two birds. is it because they are big birds
if you have never owened a bird you may want to look at some smaller variety;s do not buy for size.remember these birds live between 50 and 100 tears old. thats how long you will need to care for them. do some reading on birds find one that matches your personality and what you woulkd like in a bird. never buy for size. this is one reason we have a lot of unwanted birds and a lot with problems.
i have quakers who are so cute and loveable up to macaws. please be careful when buying. and again do lots of reading before you buy.
hope this helped in some way.

Dec 22, 2009
Macaw or Cockatoo
by: Linda

Okay, here is a double comment one for you and one for Hillary. First of all, the Macaws ARE NOT DANGEROUS or any more dangerous than any of the other wild parrot species. All parrots are potentially dangerous but Macaws are laid back and not prone to be any more aggressive than the Toos. I've had some of my worst bites training the Toos, so their gentle demeaner can change lightning fast as can any of the parrots. Parrots are not domenticated and will behave like the wild animals they are from time to time.

So, in a choice between a Macaw and a Too, it's a matter of simple preference as to how bird looks, how large bird is overall and such. The larger birds require very large cages, no less than a 5' square cage or a similar one in a rectangle shape. They will need 3"-4" diameter hardwood branch perches and toys will be more expensive for the larger birds. Toos are escape artists, so cage locking system will need to be Too proof as they will find any weakness in a cage including too thin a cage bar. They need a heavy cage with thick bars and a secure locking system. The Macaws are more easy going when it comes to cages, though they will also need large heavy cages with thick bars just in case. These cages cost upwards of $600 that are suitable for the larger birds. There are smaller Macaws like the Severe and the really small Hahn's. In the Toos, there is the Goffin's which is large enough but smaller than the others you mentioned and easier to house and handle. The smaller birds can be housed in smaller cages, though they still need a decent sized cage as do all parrots. Always have twice or more as large as the minimum requirements state.

I've raised, tamed and trained both types of birds, and my favorite is the macaw as they are not as needy emotionally as the Toos. The Cockatoos are basically insecure birds who lean towards feather plucking and other emotionally-based behaviors. I suggest you get one of the smaller types and leave the larger species to more experienced people.

One note here, the Scarlet Macaw is one who is apart from the others. They are not as easily tamed and are not what we call a "family" bird. I've had some unprovoked attacks from that type of Macaw, so go with B&G or Greenwing if you must have a larger bird. Make sure you know what you are doing because once you get the bird, you are responsible for it's life regardless of whether you are ready for the challenge or not.


Dec 15, 2009
Macaw or Cockatoo
by: Hillary

I want a cockatoo because I want a loving bird. Macaws are entertaining and fun but dangerous unless you are super experienced with BIG birds. A macaw can weigh what-15 pounds? And you have to carry it around or it gets hostile-they like attention. And they are both wicked loud. Plus I hate it when they bite the back of my neck, so I vote for a gentle cockatoo.

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