macaw parrots

by sahir

macaw parrots are they allowed to drink milk. Milk what us humans drink.

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Mar 22, 2008
Brid's & Milk
by: A'Lona

I have a Sun Conure who loves to sit on the side of my cereal bowl and eat. He also drinks some of the milk. This is not something I do all the time but he sure enjoy's his lil treat every now and then.

Feb 18, 2008
no milk for birds
by: Lori/Texas

I read in bird talk magazine that birds can't digest milk or milk products.

Feb 18, 2008
Re: milk for macaws
by: Kathy Heaton

I suspect that macaws are possibly lactose intolerant. There is no reason they should be able to digest or receive nourishment from a substance that was created to nurture mammals. A small amount might be tolerated; more could cause digestive upset, diarrhea and dehydration.

Macaws have their own special dietary requirements, just as all animals do. Parent birds produce "crop milk" to feed their nestlings, but it bears no resemblance to the stuff humans buy in bottles.

Extensive research has led to the development of commercial handfeeding formula for captive-raised macaw chicks. It does not resemble dairy milk.

Why do you ask?

Houston TX

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