macaw regurgitating on everything

by Marjorie Biedron
(Rockford iL.)

My 7 year old scarlet macaw is regurgitating on all his toys.Is this bad for him? What should i do?

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May 04, 2012
Mawcaw regurgitating on toys.
by: Anonymous

It's mating season!

I would suggest, that you take your bird to an avian vet to have him physically checked out. Just to rule out illness.

Then it can be safe to assume it's normal mating ritual. Birds in the wild will regurgitate for a selected or bonded mate, to feed them as a sign of affection. Parrots often will do this to for bonded humans, and even toys!

Make sure that you're washing his toys when he does this right away to prevent bacterai from forming and causing him illness later.

GL! Hope this helps.

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