Macaw training problems

by Tammi
(Denver, co)

My macaw nips when you go bear the latch on his door. Once he is out he is sweet but won't go back into his cage. He is new to my home. He is a rescue from Wyoming. He sometimes steps up but sometimes bites my wrist. He is terrified of sticks.

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Apr 15, 2010
by: Tammi

Thank you Amy...
I let him come out on his own and that helps. Sometimes he will ask to step up and I will let him and he is nice. Other times he will ask then bite. He also charges feet when he is on the floor playing. We have to keep our shoes on I know in time he will be fine. It just takes time. But grrrrrrrrr

Apr 15, 2010
Nipping not nice
by: Kristine

I have two rainbow lorikeets and they usually do not like me touching anything that belongs to them. They do nip me but otherwise they are very friendly and loving. I believe its just the bird saying leave it alone its mine dont touch!

Apr 13, 2010
by: Amy

Congratulations on the adoption of your new bird!
I have a macaw with some similar behaviors. I have found that if I open her cage and ask her to step up, she'll bite me. What I do for her is to open her cage and let her come out on her own. She steps out onto the top of her cage door. I can step her up from there. I've handled her like that for years and it has worked. I've also found it is easier to get her to go back into her cage if I've taken her out in early evening. If she protests about being put away, I lower the lights in the room until it's kind of dark so she becomes very still. She then will cooperate with me and will step up right away. I also have a love bird that I can't convince that playtime is over, and the same room darkening strategy works for him. My macaw does come out of her cage in the daytime as well, and if she's good and tired from playing, I can get her to go back in. My love bird, however, would stay out forever if I didn't slightly darken the room. Hope it works for you!

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