macaw white face skin spots

by Suzy

I have a very healthy 23 yr old B & G macaw. Never had a sick day in his life. No problems now either. I have noticed he has 2 small flat white spots underneath his skin on the rim of his lower jaw. You cannot see them at all unless you stretch his skin so all the wrinkles are gone and it becomes almost translucent and then you see these flat (not raised at all) 2 white spots overlaying the pink muscle underneath but under the skin (they don't move with the skin). When you let the skin loose and it goes back into it's wrinkles, you no longer can see them. They have not grown or changed over the years. Just curious what they may be. They are a solid opaque white with no pink or redness to them at all.

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Dec 01, 2010
White spots on macaw face
by: The Avian Vet

The white spots are likely areas that have no pigment, for whatever reason, probably genetic. They could also be attachments of ligaments or tendons. I do not see anything here to be alarmed about, but it is certainly time for your bird to be looked at by an avian veterinarian anyway. During the check up you should point out these spots.

I encourage bird owners to have their bird examined annually for well bird check ups including blood work and vaccines. Having these checks are recommended for 2 reasons, one, to establish normal values for comparison in the event that he is ever ill, and two, to screen for problems that cannot be seen, especially since birds are experts at hiding their signs of illness. It is recommended, too, that adult birds be vaccinated against polyomavirus to eliminate them as a carrier of the disease.

Dr B

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