Macaw with grey feathers

by thomas hickman
(chestertown md)

hello, i have a 10 month old GreenWing Macaw, he is developing gray feathers on his chest, and seems to a gray ring of feathers mid way between his upper part of the neck and the middle of his chest, he didnt have these feathers when i got him 5 monthes ago, started in the last few monthes, any ideal on whats causing this, Thanks Tom

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Aug 12, 2009
Green wing with Grey feathers
by: L'oiseaux

I agree with the last post that you should see an avian vet, but will add some of my own insight. (I've owned parrots for 30 years and volunteer at a local parrot rescue, so have seen a few things.) Since the feathers are grey, this leads me to believe that they are the down feathers that are underneath the outer colored feathers on the bird. Are they a different texture than the outer red and green feathers on your Macaw? More fluffy-like? If so, it could mean that your bird has started plucking his outer feathers. The chest area is a common place for birds to do this. If your bird is plucking, you need to get help. It could be due to illness (which hopefully can be resolved), or it could be due to emotional issues - often boredom or stress (which is a lot more difficult to resolve). If the latter, I urge you to learn as much about parrot care as you can. A greenwing is a bird that needs an enormous amount of time and attention from you and interesting things to do each day. He will likely outlive you, so give him the best life you can, and let us know what happens. Good luck to you.

Aug 12, 2009
Green Wing with grey feathers
by: Tracie

If the bird is not plucking these feathers, he might have an infection or illness. Please take your bird to see an avian vet for a physical exam. Your avian vet will be able to help your bird with this.

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