mad Meyers

by Bill Engelhart
(Seattle WA)

Our 10 year old Meyers decided about 5 years ago that he didn't like me ( He loves my wife) all of a sudden for no reason he became very aggressive towards me. he will go out of his way to bite me. Recently we have noticed that when I come into a room where he is out of his cage, he will puff him self up. What does that mean?

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Jun 23, 2010
Meyers Parrot
by: Ginny

My meyers was the best little love and the very same thing happened. He is now 10 and I have not been able to hold him for 4 years. He attacked me over and over and took chunks out of my skin - like a snapping turtle. I'm elderly so my skin is pretty fragile. He loves my brother now but he attacks other birds as well and we have a full house of feathered kids. He has his own room with TV and a nice boing on top his cage - he sleeps in his cage but is mostly out on his playstand. I really miss handling and interacting with him but even though I've tried to turn it around - it doesn't happen. Sad. This is something because I just posted a comment on someone's blog about him and went back to my emails and found this in my in basket from Parrot-and-Conure-World. : )

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