MAD parrot

Why is he so cranky it was fine last week now its mad

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Nov 07, 2009
MAD parrot
by: Linda

Unfortunately, we cannot give you a good answer because of lack of information. Is he sick? If he's sick or if you even think he's sick, take him to an Avian vet in your driving area.

Have you changed anything in his living space like added new perches or toys? Lots of times, birds are afraid of new things in their cages and will let us know it one way or another.

The other change could be in his food. Have you made any changes there? Have you added any new pets or human children?

If you can write back and let us know more about the situation, we may be better able to help. Parrots do have moods, but usually they stay pretty even unless they are subject to some kind of stressors which all of the above would be. If he continues to be cranky, and you have not changed anything in the home, you will need to take him to Avian vet for a checkup to see if he has contracted a bacterial infection. Sick birds or birds getting sick do get cranky because they don't feel well.

Keep us posted and with more information when you can.


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